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Half Note Jazz Club
Trivonianou 17, Athens 116 36, Greece
Tel: +30 210 9213310
INFO: The music season starts in October, every night, until May. Ticket prices vary from performer to performer. Reservations: Monday-Sunday 11.30-19.30: +30 210 9213310 After 20.00: +30 210 9232360

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  1. Christopher Jackson

    How are you? My name is Li’nard. I am a bass player that played at the Half Note with Moe Holmes. We all had a great time there, and out of the many places that I have played in Greece, your place is truly one of the best.
    I have a band in New York that plays in the Village that Moe Holmes, Milo Z, and Many other great musicians play at. I have a high energy band that plays Blues, Jazz, Funk, R&B, Reggae, House Music, Blues, and More FUNK. I would love this positive energy with the people there at the Half Note and Athens.
    Here is a video of what I would like to bring to the Half Note and bring some fun, joy and laughter to a city that I love, Athens.
    Thank you,

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