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Blue Note Tokyo
Tokyo 107-0062
Tel: 03-5485-0088
INFO: It's advised to make reservations.

Mon - Sat 11:00 am-23:00pm
Sun & holidays 11:00 am-9: 00pm

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  1. Blue Note Nagoya - Japan

    […] will be lost in translation. An renown music venue, Blue Note Clubs can also be found in New York, Tokyo, and Milano. For a fuller review of the Blue Note chain of clubs in Japan, please visit our review […]

  2. duncan ewing

    esteemed canadian artist looking to perform


    i work for a top canadian blue grass country artist named Petunia. Attached is a performance request letter. We are looking forward to book a performance with you to occur in 6 months as part of a Japan tour. I look forward to your response as soon as possible

    kind regards

    duncan ewing

  3. Ruby Page

    Hi there. I am a Jazz Vocalist from Melbourne Australia. We have a newly released album called “Dream Serenades” Would you like a copy to showcase on your Jazz Radio Station.
    The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet.
    The Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet
    Ruby Page, Joe Ruberto & Bob Venier sing super tight, three part harmony with influences from legendary vocal groups such as The Four Freshmen, The Singers Unlimited and The Hi Lo’s.
    Their repertoire centers on traditional and modern jazz standards, with a strong foundation of straight-ahead jazz accompaniment. A truly captivating musical experience!
    Here are two videos of two of the songs:
    This time the dreams on me – Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet

    It don’t mean a thing – Ruby Page & Joe Ruberto Jazztet
    Love to play our music for you!!
    Love & Light…Ruby

  4. Poe

    I was very disappointed with the staff at the Blue Note, Japan. When I heard that Ron Carter would be playing, I called the club and asked for an interview with Mr. Carter. A day later they called back and said it wouldn’t be possible. Since Mr. Carter is 83 and one of the few left from the Miles Davis/Thelonious Monk group I really wanted an interview with him. So I purchased the $100 ticket, took my recording gear and camera and headed for the Blue Note. The place is very impressive and professional, but their policies are outdated. No photos and no recording, not just during the performance, but nowhere in the building is recording allowed. I had the accompanying musicians from Philly, New Orleans, and Florida in agreement for an interview after the set and if I could have gotten to Mr. Carter I felt sure he would have given me a few minutes as well, but the Blue Note staff would not allow it. No recording inside the building they insisted. What a stupid policy for a jazz venue. How else do we preserve the heritage of these dying luminaries? But, in all fairness to the staff; the bartender was superb. the waitresses were outstanding and even the remaining staff were polite and courteous, it’s just that I had travelled around the world and there in my face stood a jazz legend whose days are numbered and I couldn’t help preserve and promote his legacy in the Mississippi Delta. What a disappointment.

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