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Contributors Guidelines

Become a Jury Writer

The Jury is always looking for good articles from people who share our love of jazz. If you’re a pro music journalist or someone who’s just keen to get their voice heard, we’d love to hear from you.

There is always going to be a club we haven’t listed or a festival you’ve just visited and would like to send in a review. We are looking for pieces that are descriptive, informative, driven by listening to the musicians and telling us what the atmosphere of the vibe was like. What you thought of the musicians, the place, the food and if the experience could be seen within it’s historical context.

Interviews are always a good read too so if you manage to pull a muso off stage for a chat, please send in a transcript of the audio. Q&A’s should be sent as is, questions and answers with a brief intro.

We’re going to be getting in a lot of articles over the coming months so do take a look at some of the ones we’ll have already published.

General rule of thumb would be to stick to at least 350 words. If there is anything you’d like to add that would be great. Photos, interviews, logos or anything you feel would add to the piece.

Jury Duty Rewards

We like to reward our contributors for the time they take in writing up good content. As a thank you, we’ll pay $15-20 for every article we publish. Regular writers may also attract as many perks as we can throw at them. We’ll aim to get you into gigs and at times even organising press passes for the bigger festivals. Just don’t forget to write loads and take some super pics.

We work on the premise that if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Sometimes we get and we’ll only have pleasure in forwarding it on to you.

All payments are made via Paypal and will be made within 72 hours of the article being published.

You’re free to publish your work on other sites if we haven’t commissioned you. Ordinarily you’ll agree to sending in your work on a non-exclusive one time online rights basis. Commissioned work is what it says on the tin. We pay you to go and write for us with rights which are very negotiable. If you have any ideas for a piece, send it in and we’ll call you to discuss.

We’ll do everything we can to promote the piece and you as a writer. We’ll give you a page to showcase a bio, other works and any sites links you’d like to attach.

Ready to sign up for jury duty?

Submission Process

Well there are a few things to remember for submitting your hard work.

  • Please subject the mail with: Jury Article – [Title of piece]
  • Provide name of club/festival, full location and dates
  • Provide the full article in Word, text file or copy pasted into main body of email
  • Attach images no larger than 400 px wide in JPEG format (send more than 3 images in .ZIP format)
  • Add any meta data to all images including captions for each
  • Provide a list of any other articles you have written whether online or print (for online articles send in links)
  • Write a short bio of yourself so we can add to you page
  • A photo of yourself (you don’t have to but always good to see what you look like)
  • Multiple submissions should be sent individually

All submissions should be sent to listings [@]

We’ll aim to get back to you within 7 days if we decide to publish the article and provide dates for when it will be online. If you’re not successful we’ll let you know.

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