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Le Duc des Lombards
42 Rue des Lombards
75001 Paris
Mr Didier Nouyrigat
Tel: +33 (0) 1 42 33 22 88
INFO: They have a pretty good online booking system with special internet prices at times so book in advance for performances here.

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2 responses to “Le Duc des Lombards”

  1. Sunset Sunside Jazz Club - Jazz Club Jury

    […] a temple of jazz, on the famed jazz strip of Rue des Lombards.Check out another great neighbour, Les Duc des Lombards, situated almost next door.Here’s Chris Potter playing there in August 2011… (No […]

  2. ariel bar

    i had a great time visiting your club. i’m intrested in a spesific show i was watching. it was on january 2011. it was a jazz trio (piano, drums, contra bass).
    i dont remember the name of the band. all i remember is that someone told me that the piano player’s mother was a famous opera singer and his father is a violinist.
    is there any chance you could help me recaling the name of the trio or the name of the piano player?
    thank you so much…

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