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Photographer Guidelines

We’re looking for the next William Claxton

Well, no one can compare to one of the best jazz photographers that has ever lived but jazz photography is in a calibre of its own. We love seeing high quality images of clubs, festivals and of course the musicians that play in them.

Over the coming months we’ll be collecting and showcasing some work we have in our archives and those that you’ve taken. Send them in following our specs below and we’ll do the rest.

What we need

Images can be in any format but ideally we’d like them no larger than 500px wide and preferably as JPEG’s.

The gallery can have as many images as you like and we’ll even categorise them for you once we get them so they are easy to navigate through. Each submission will be a separate gallery, if you’re sending in loads of images, otherwise we’ll just group them to your Jury account.

If you’d like to write an article that goes with the images, please refer to our Contributors Guidelines for further info.

You’ll get full credit for all the pics including a bio page. We can even link the images to any external weblink you provide or add it to your bio so we can add more exposure to your work.

Dust the blad off or blow it off your sensor.

So, the Process

  • All images must be meta tagged with captions (alternatively, paste into email referencing each image uniquely)
  • Name of club, festival or musician must be in the title of the image (numbering can follow)
  • Images should not be larger than 500px wide in any dimension
  • All files should be saved as JPEG’s
  • A short bio of yourself
  • Any site links you’d like us to add should be in message body.
  • The full email message should not exceed 15MB. Either send over two emails or get in touch for upload facility.

All images should be sent to listings [@]

Look forward to seeing the fruits of all your efforts.

Jazz Club Jury

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